Please find here the frequently asked questions on our services.

Quotation request
We gladly supply you an offer. The exact costs depend on the type assessment/audit and the specific characteristics of your organization. Once you filled in the Pre Assessment Document we can determine the required assessment time and prepare a detailed offer for you.
Click in the menu on contact and fills out the form. We will be as possible in contact with you.

Do you provide consultancy?
L.O.A.C. performs assessments. During official assessments we cannot provide specific advise. During such assessments only the actual situation can be assessed and is reflected in the report.
Of course you can consider the indicated points for improvement as a recommendation. However a more detailed advise on the exact implementation cannot be given during an assessment.
If you seek support concerning Responsible Care you can get in contact with SCT Adviesdiensten, or other consultants.

Will the SQAS/IMPCAS assessment result in a certificate?
No, a SQAS assessment does not lead to a certificate but offers a detailed factual report.

How long will a SQAS Assessment take?
The lengths of a SQAS assessment depends on the size and activities of the organisation. Therefore a Pre Assessment Document (PAD) has to be filled in and sent to LOAC’s assessor. Based on the information in the PAD the assessor can determine how much time is required to carry out a thorough assessment. As an indication, one could calculate with 1 day for the core questionnaire and 1 day per separate module.

You can download the PAD at Cefic’s website or ask us to send you the PAD (

Is my SQAS report valid for all my sites?
No, SQAS are location based assessments. Only if a location is based within 5 km or the management system is completely centrally organised, sites can be combined in one report. In this case specific requirements apply to the definition of subsidairies and the entire assessment must be completed within 1 month.
CDI/IMPCAS always applies to 1 site only.

How long is our SQAS report valid?
The report is three years valid and will remain on the SQAS/IMPCAS database during is this time. in case of an intermediate SQAS assessment, the initial expiration time will reamin unchanged.

Can I improve negative scores?
Yes you can. It is even a key element in the SQAS system that improvement plans should be made for all negative scores. After implementation of the improvement plan one could invite the assessor for a re assessment on elements that were not scores previously. Basis requirements are: The assessor shall be the same as the one that carried out the initial assessment. The company decides on the subjects to be re-assessed, the assessor decides on the required time of the re assessment. The initial expiry time of the assessment report stays 3 years. So if a re-assessment is carried out after 1,5 years, the initial validity time of the report will not be extended with 1,5 years.

The CDI scheme does not have this intermediate re-assessment option.

Can we change the score in the database?
No, the scores can not be changed after the report is submitted in the database. However with the revision of 2011 it is possible to invite the assessor for a partly reassessment after improvement plans were implemented.
Furthermore the assessed company has however the opportunity to provide details on the improvment action plans witj every question.

Who has access to my report?
The assessment company receives an unique entrycode, that is used to acces the SQAS system. In the SQAS system the memebers of the SQAS user group have access to the report. Members of the Logistic users group can request access to the report, this is done by email to the assessed company. The assessed company can grant or deny access to all and individual members of the user groups.

Is it possble to do a trail assessment?
Yes, it is possible to do a trail assessment. The outcome will not be published to Cefic/CDI and is no formal assessment. Please note that the assessor will not be able to provide advice, but only can inform whether or not the question can be scored.

Is it possble to combine the Core elements questionnaire?
Yes and no. The core elements questionnaire can be combined for several modules with the individual assessment modules under the condition that all modules are assessed within 1 month.

What is the meaning of the guidelines?
The guidelines contain further guidance on the questions in the SQAS/IMPCAS module. The guidelines are considered to be an integral part of the main questionnaire. This means that they contain specific requirements that assessed upon during the assessment.

Do I receive an assessment report?
Yes, you will receive an login code per email. Once received you can access your report in the database and download the entire report or prepare queries.

Do I receive a certificate?
No, after the assessment you can enter the database and download an Attestion of participation to the SQAS/IMPCAS scheme.